Artist Gaston Liberto

One day doing my usual lost and found sort of walk through the Born, I noticed a little studio behind Catalina Mercado with colourful watercolours, jewellery adorned with illustrations and geometric shapes, and crisp light blue coloured ceramic pieces that could have strolled right from a daydream. I was intrigued. A few days later, I met up with Gaston Liberto, an illustrator, painter and sculptor from Argentina. Gaston’s sincerity and openness resulted in a very interesting and real dialogue about as his most recent oil paintings which are a fusion of all his artistic creations from the past ten years. His early Every year the neighbourhood erupted into a carnival with huge paper sculptures called “carosas”, the inspiration for Gaston’s early paper-mache work in Barcelona. Gaston has evolved as any artist will during the course of his deeper, more philosophical concepts; things that he cannot communicate in words.

Reportage on artist Gaston Liberto.

Editor: Katrine Knauer for Relevant Magazine Issue #18
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